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Accredited Facility Plaque

  • £199.00



The UKMA aluminium A3 accredited facility plaque can be purchased by all UKMA accredited facilities and states that your facility is suitable for the running of small-sided football leagues at your centre. Once your facility has been fully accredited by the UKMA you will receive your UKMA accredited facility plaque which you can place wherever you wish in your centre. If as an accredited facility, you would like to order any further plaques, then please purchase them here using your exclusive discount, or see the following prices for UKMA accredited facilities. 

To find out more about facility accreditation please click here.


For UKMA accredited facilities:  

1 additional accreditation plaque  -   FREE 

(The additional plaque is included as part of your facilities accreditation fee. Please note that only one free additional plaque is permitted per facility). To claim your free additional plaque please use your one time 'additional plaque' discount code. 

Accreditation plaque   -    £10.00 per accreditation plaque. 

(Following your one free additional accreditation plaque)

To claim your discount, please use your exclusive 'accreditation plaque' discount code. 



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