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Accredit your facilities with the UKMA to receive a 50% discount on our store

Posted by The UK Minifootball Association on

If you currently operate an astroturf pitch or a sports hall that is at least four badminton courts wide then you are eligible for facility accreditation with the UKMA.

As a UKMA accredited facility you will receive a UKMA accredited facility plaque to place wherever you wish in your centre, free use of our logo on your website and the ability to apply for any future funding that we may receive. You will also receive a 50% discount on all facility equipment on our shop! 

Facility accreditation is available at the low price or £199 per facility per year or at the reduced rate of £100 per facility per year when you accredit two or more facilities at the same time. 

To accredit your facility today, simply fill out our registration form here. Please note that we do charge a £50 deposit for the registration of facilities.

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