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New Stationary Products Available

Posted by The UK Minifootball Association on

In celebration of the new branding of the United Kingdom Minifootball Association, we are proud to announce that our newly designed UK Minifootball Notepads and Pens are now available for you to buy.


The new UK Minifootball Notepads are available at the low price of £5.99 each or at the reduced price of £2.99 for our affiliated members. To purchase your stationary products today, simply click on the following product images.


What's more, you will still be able to purchase the classic UKMA pens at the reduced price of £2.99 for first time buyers, and at the discounted rate of £1.49 for all of our affiliated members.

With only 50 left, stock is running out fast, so make sure you purchase your classic UKMA pen today!



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